It is nice to think about spending your holiday in this ancient house, sharing a piece of its history. The mansion overlooking the Adriatic was part of the walls that protected the city from the Turkish predatory attacks along the coast. In this splendour, now returned to its charm after careful restoration , the holiday will be pleasant, caressed by the freshness of the sea breeze. Edit

In the heart
of Polignano a Mare

Dimora Talenti stands among the streets paved with “chianche”, the whiteness of the houses, the colour and the scent of flowers and the immense sea in front. In the old town centre of one of the most characteristic towns in Puglia, on the majestic cliff of Polignano. Dimora Talenti is an exclusive property in the heart of Polignano, now owned by the brothers Giovanni and Maria Talenti,and it is ready to amaze the guest with the accuracy of its accommodation and the delicacy of its design furnishings.

A dream between
sky and sea

Che si spinge verso l’alto, attraversando vari livelli

It starts from a sea cave, the “Episcopal Cave” which has access from the sea. Above there are several natural cavities that were changed into an oil mill, in which the olives were transformed into oil, at that time sold to Venetian and Lombard merchants.

The Origin

The nearby San Benedetto monastery owned the rooms on the ground floor, later used as stables and wood stores, demolished in 1932. Going upstairs you can reach the main floor with its magnificent six rooms and two mezzanines, on the fifth floor there are three storage rooms and the large sea view terrace.

In the history

Dr. Domenico Talenti, coming from the nearby Noicattaro, fell in love with this place first and then bought it when he moved to Polignano for the position of surgeon in this seaside centre in the early 1700. The ownership of the building passed to Nicolò Talenti, cashier of the Royal Customs in 1723. In 1737 the canonical don Philip Talenti, procurator of San Vito Abbey and apostolic commissioner lived in part of the building. In 1798 the house was occupied by Vito Michele Talenti, master of acts of the Municipality. Today the structure has been transformed, exalting all its peculiarities after a careful restoration becoming a reference point of beauty and hospitality for the most attentive travellers.

In the ancient village

In the pulsating centre of this marvellous city along alleys and balconies on the sea, with small shops and local handicrafts on display, Dimora Talenti is very close to Grotta Palazzese, the most famous sea cave restaurant in the country; it is in a quiet alley, stretching towards the sea or towards San Benedetto square. From the rooms, cured in every detail, you are quickly on the terrace for a breakfast or for relaxing , between the warm sun of Puglia and the view of the blue sea at the bottom of jagged cliffs.